[Review] Avon lipstick in M02 and U410

Hello, how are you?
I'm back with another lip product review , which I will review this time is the lipstick from Avon.
I get this lipstick some time ago from Jessica. When I was a teenager, Avon enter the Indonesian market through MLM flag like Oriflame, but it seems Avon now no longer exists in Indonesia.

I do not know why, but if you can know about that let me know via the comments column ^_~
Okay, let's see what lipsticks will I review this time

Pink and Coral shade.
Swatch on my hand, looks like a lovely color but.............
I feel very uncomfortable when using it, my friend gave it to me as soon as I tried it K

Sorry, I do not like to write anything bad but unfortunately I really can not find a thing I love about both these lipsticks

♥ Too much shimmering
♥ Makes my lips dry
♥ The color makes my lips look darker
♥ Packaging is too simple
♥ Looks like cheap stuff

Bye bye for now J
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  1. Warnanya hampir mirip ya c.. Sayang shimering banget.. Q juga kurang suka ^^

    Hahah.. iyaa c. Avon ni makeupnya mama jaman dulu.. Ama Sara Lee juga kayaknyaa. hihi

    1. wedeh, aku seangkatan sama mamanya Ellen donk XD
      iya warnanya kayak penyanyi dangdut >.< aku ga suka


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