[Review] Nail Water Decals Sticker from Born Pretty Store

This time I want to review a product from Born Pretty Store that I bought a few months ago. This product is Nail Water Decals Sticker, I prefer to use Water Nail Decals Sticker than other nail art lol XD I'm too lazy too using brush and rhinestone 
Source: Born Pretty Store

Source: Born Pretty Store

Let's see how it goes after I apply this water decal.
I'm use H&M duo nail polish in Vivid Nails here

What do you think? Do you like it? 
This water decal is very suitable for use when the lunar chinese new year.
Lets check Born Pretty Store website to browse water decal that fits on you ^_~

Bye bye for now 😍
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  1. cc kukunya panjang sekaliii o_o
    ak jg suka pake water decal lebih gampang ya tgl tempel :D

    1. husss, jangan buka rahasia ini kan kuku palsu hahahaa


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