[Review] Mizon - Grape Fruit Peeling Gel

Hello, this time I will review my first peeling gel.
Mizon refresh peeling gel have 3 variants:
1. Green tea
2. Grapefruit
3. Cherry blossom
But this time I will review the Grapefruit one.
Authentic label from Mizon

What web say?
The birth of smooth skin texture, helps with removing surface dead skin cells to transform uneven skin into soft and smooth skin. 
Supple skin, the plant-based hydrating ingredients leave your skin supple without tightness after exfoliating. 
Mild peeling, allows gentle exfoliation with mild and soft texture. 
Vitamin Care, contains grapefruit extracts rich in Vitamin C for clear and vibrant skin.

What they promise?
1. Smooth skin.
2. Maintain the skin moist.
3. Fine pores.

After washing, dry face, then put on the entire surface evenly department. Rub for 1-2 minutes, gently pushed, and with warm water, then wash.
Secure seal to protect the contents.
The Mizon peeling gel comes in a 120 ml tube and costs $6-10 on different sites. I got mine around $6.5 from SparklingGee
The texture is not sticky and smells very fresh
Forgive my tired face, this is my face after work lol XD
Is this peeling gel will work well on my face? Let we see ^_~
Sorry maybe this is a bit disgusting but I wanted to show how my dead skin cells lifted completely by this peeling gel J
This is a photo I took 5 minutes after I use the peeling gel, so my face is still a bit red because of the pressure caused by rubbing. Below is a photo after the hue of my face back to normal XD
Works amazing right?

 Grapefruit is full of vitamin C creates clear and energetic skin. 
 Moisturizing skin
 Leave moisture that wont dry after scrub. 
 Rich lather cleanses dead skin cells, impurities, and makeup residue clearly. 
 Refreshing grapefruit scent.
 Brighten skin a bit


Tips from me? 
Do not press too hard when scrubbing, because the skin will be red (like me) and we can only do it once a week ^_~

Bye bye for now J
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