Precious Blemish Balm from Worihanbang [Review]

Hello everyone
How are you? This time I came back with another product review 
This time I wil review Precious Blemish Balm from Worihanbang from Beauty Korea

To be honest this is the first time I heard of the brand Worihanbang, but after googling, I find that this is a Korean product that is quite popular in there.
Lets we see, if this product as good as I read?
Woorihanbang Cosmetic 
Precious Blemish Balm Cream / 50ml
7 in 1 B.B. Cream / 50ml

Come in 50ml pink plastic squeeze type tube
What web says:
7 in 1 Benefits
1. SPF 50/PA +++   
2. Whitening
3. Anti Wrinkle
4. Make up Base
5. Foundation
6. Nutrition
7. Skin Recovery

Effective for protecting all skin types, restoring skin cell regeneration & soothes skin while providing whitening, wrinkle repair and UV blocking functions. 

This is very effectively for protecting skin and restoring skin cell and it soothes the skin while provides whitening, wrinkle repair and UV blocking functions.
It is BB Cream skin elasticity and complexion revision function are excellent. It contain sodium Hyaluronate, Abocado Oil, Vitamin E, acetate, Portulaca Extract, Jojoba Oil, sericite, Accetyl Hexapeptide, it keeps you skin moist, elastic and healthy while offer your tired skin natural skin treatments. It is a functional product to cut UVA and keeps all of types of skin elastic and healthy.

How to use:
After basic skin care, put a little amount of it on your palm and apply it softly on your skin entire face and neck.
Swatch on my hand.
You can see the changes before and after I use this product right? 
I quite like the end result, I am very comfortable using this product because the product is water based which makes me like not using anything but make my skin a healthy and glowing.
♥ Glowing result
♥ The price is cheap for 50ml product
♥ Has SPF 50 PA +++
♥ Comes in squeeze tube ( quite hygienic for me)
♥ Water base (Dupe Holika-holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream)
♥ Easy to apply
♥ Suitable for all skin types

♥ Only one shade available
♥ Light coverage

Bye bye now 😊
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  1. woow you have flawless skin !
    is it gives a whitecast ?

    1. no, they do not gives whitecast :) thank you thats only power of makeup lol XD

  2. Looks like it helped get rid of some redness! I wasn't sure about BB creams until I tried a few good ones and now I enjoy them :)


    1. Yes they are good cover my redness, I really like bb cream because they are very light, makes me like not using anything lol XD. I even have some that are still not in the open :(

  3. Aaaaa semoga bisa ikut cobain BB Creamnya ce ^0^
    Wish me luck aaaaa mauuuu haha

    1. aaaa, semoga Luci kepilih jadi salah satu pemenang ya :) *amin*

  4. Too bad the BB cream still contains paraben in it. But the SPF 50++ and affordable price are such good points!


    1. yap, unfortunately there are many cosmetic products that use parabens as ingredient :(
      thank you for visiting <3


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