Bubble Soap - Art of Natural and Glycerin Soap [Haul]

How are you all?
This time I want make a quick review of home made soap from Bubble Soap, just for your info, this is not a press sample. I bought all of this with my own money and because I am satisfied with the product then I make a special post for them.

It is a little introduction about their products
Bubble Soap Natural Glycerin is a soap made from natural ingredients for skin care, moisturizing at the same time. Bubble Soap is able to clean up to make the skin look brighter, smoother, younger and softer. 
The advantage of using glycerin soap or transparent soap is: 
1. Appearance more luxurious and attractive. 
2. Has moisturizing functions. 
3. Effective clean power without leaving a residual soap foam. 
4. More feels soft because no alkali (sodium) is left behind. 
5. Represents a homogeneous composition containing emollient, moisturizer, and antiseptic.

Well now let's see, what I bought
Hello Kitty Pink Transparent
Rocking Horse
Coffe Tiramissu
Love is in the air
MP Cupcakes
Choco Black Forest
Lemon Slice Cake
Strawberry Slice Cake
Cherry Blossom
Rainbow Bubble Pop Ice
Mini Macaroon 

They are very cute and adorable right? They also have a nice scent. 
When I opened his box, fragrant flowers and fruit burst into my room.
I highly recommend this soap for those who liked to collect beautiful stuff (like me) lol XD

Bye bye now 😊
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  1. ciciiiii ini keterlaluan pisan lucunya aku mauuuuk >_<

    1. beliiiiiii hahahaa ada link nya diatas XD silahkan borong hahahaa


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