[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series

A while ago I won a giveaway held by LUX and Vanity Troove.
Actually I've been wanting this product since seen several bloggers got this package from LUX. Thank God I managed to get this as a gift :)

Honestly I've ever tried all the variants that are here except the "Fresh Splash", I wanted this series because I wanted the candle and box lol XD

[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
You can see how luxury this package?

[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series

LUX issued a new formula for their soap called WORLD CLASS FINE PERFUME FRAGRANCE. Each LUX soap represents the personality of Indonesian women and the fragrant has own certain characteristics.
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
Inside the package
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
♥ Shower cap, Shower puff and Scented Candle ♥ ~
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
7 varian for 7 days? For me its 7 different scent for 7 occasion or moods Lol XD
Lets we check one by one:
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
1. White Glamour
For fair and smooth skin.
With Mulberry Extract, Honey and Microcrystals.
For me the scent is fresh and a bit fruity, suitable for daily usage. Perfect for you who want to brighten skin tone.
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
2. Fresh Splash
For revitalized and refreshed skin.
With Aqua Lily and Green Apple extract.
Her scent is fresh and soft, very uplifting and after using it will leave delicious scent for a long time. 
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
3. Magical Spell
For long lasting and enchanting scent.
With Black Orchids and Juniper Oil.
First time I'm using this soap, I feel the scent is very luxurious, with thick foam and a smooth texture. I think this is my favorite soaps from all existing variants.
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
4. Velvet Touch
For Noticeably Smooth Skin.
With SilkEssence, Jasmine, and Almond Oil.
This soap can helps in moisturizing the skin with the sweet smelling delight. 
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
5. Soft Touch
For Noticeably Soft Skin.
With SilkEssence and French Rose Infusion.
The roses is very soft, does not leave a strong scent after the rinse. This soap has the most gentle scent in whole variant. 
[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
6. Secret Bliss
For long lasting and mesmerising scent.
With Egyptian Violet and Elemi Oil.
I've written the review here. The fragrance is very classic and elegant, suitable to use at night for special events or occasion.

[Review] Lux World Class Perfume Series
7. Aqua Sparkle
For Invigorated refreshed skin.
With Mineral Salt and Seaweed.
The scent is like the ocean breeze, very fresh and encourage us when we use it in the morning.

My favorite is Magical Spell and White Glamour.
The Seventh soap have different scents and colors, but everything is fresh and soft, depending on its function. What about you, what Lux scent do you like?

Bye bye now 😊
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  1. I have never try scents from lux...they got a great option

    1. yes, and you must try them :) they have great scent ^_~

  2. *mupeng* pengen semuaaa...!!
    ci winda bagi satu dong lilinyaaa :p *minta dilempar sendal*

    ✿ Kawaii Fuku ✿

    1. sabunnya bisa di beli di supermarket XD kalo lilinnya ga bisa, makanya aku ngiler liat lilinnya hahahaa, kl deket aku bagi satu deh khusus buat Neni >.<"


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