Unboxing MEMEBOX SUPERBOX #54 Pinkaholic

Hello, I came back with MEMEBOX unboxing.
I am addicted to buying a beauty box, why in Indonesia there is no beauty box like MEMEBOX?
If there is beauty box like MEMEBOX here, I certainly would not be get a headache and frustrating as this. Because every time I get the info if MEMEBOX already in Indonesia, then I have to deal with the tax and custom. 
What I got:
1. Insobeau - Perfect Deep Clean One Step Cleansing Water 200ml ($22)
2. Awesome - Glow Glow Balm 45gram ($35)
3. Shara Shara - Aurora Liquid Highlighter 9gram ($8)
4. Style Y - Color Fit Bling Bling Auto Crayon Shadow ($9)
5. Secret Key - Color Recipe The Pink cream 55gram ($34)
6. Style Y -Glossy Pit Crayon Lipstick ($11)

Total worth of the products I get is $116, but I only paid $36 include shipping fee ^_~ awesome huh?
Thats why I love Memebox, but too bad looks like I will stop buying MEMEBOX for a while, because I honestly tired of dealing with the customs of Indonesia. 

Why Indonesian customs are very annoying and frustrating? Though there are regulations that the shipment cost under $50 is free from tax, but I always charged unreasonable fees. 

There are always have reasons, purchasing cosmetic products from outside is prohibited, no BPOM, does not have an official license for the import of goods, and many more. Geezz, Im tired! Well sir, I will stop buying cosmetic products for a while. Are you happy? Or even sad because you can not get money any more from me? -___-"

Bye bye now J
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  1. akkkhh jd pengen beli jg ci.. tp ga pny paypal TT_TT
    anyway aku jg slalu deg2an kalo nunggu paket dr luar hiks

    1. Hahahaaa aku kapok shel, udah ga pernah beli lagi skrg gara2 muak sama becuk kita -____-

    2. Pakai kartu kredit shel.. Ga harus paypal kan?

      Tp aku 2x memeboxnya aman sampai di rumah loh ce... Bahkan kemasannya aja ngga dibuka seperti dulu...

    3. Rejekimu sab heheee aku kiriman apapun selalu dibuka, wishtrend isi sabun sebiji ajah dibuka -___-


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