Today Im going to review brand new product (for me) because I would love to show how gorgeous this kit for me. This kit have BLACK TEA and BLACK TEA WATER as most important ingredient. Can you imagine they scent? 
Product: A-true Starter kit
Country of Origin: South Korea
Price: USD 24.98
Brand: A-true


Compagnie Coloniale is the oldest french tea brand, founded in 1848 at avenue de l’Opera in Paris. In 1930, by acquiring the Compagnie des Indes, it brings a larger assortment of unique and qualitative blends. 

Since then, Compagnie Coloniale is still animated by its inherited know-how and vivid passion.

In 2010, the brand gets back to its basics to offer a new range of packagings with clear and modern colours.
A·TRUE is the True brand represented from “a cup of the finest black tea.” 
The ‘Compagnie Coloniale’ brand is the First and Oldest premium black tea brand in France - it delivers absolute value.

A·TRUE presents “True Personal Care,” with its unique textures and outstanding benefits, 
all of which are formulated with various prescribed blends, proven to be very valuable in France for the past 200 years.

Here at A·TRUE, we wish to revive the Premium Beauty of the 17th Century European Royal Courts. 
We aim to have our customers experience lavish lifestyles and exquisite teas and to have them transported back in time via a single sip.
And the great news is, they formulated without Paraben, Ethanol, SLS and other harsh ingredients.
This kit came in sturdy red metal box which decorated with floral patterns on whole body except the lid.
Deluxe Samples set:
1. Sweet Song Black Tea One-step Cleansing Water (20ml)
Effectively removes daily makeup, impurities, and even eye and lip makeup without any burning or irritating feelings.
2. Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream (10g)
The sun protection brilliantly defends your skin against both UVA/UVB, as well as environmental elements.
3. White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence (20ml)
It prevents over-production of melanin while illuminating the skin to reveal a radiant complexion.
Samples Sachet:
1. Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Toner (2ml)
The Essential Toner smoothly absorbs into the skin, delivering deep hydration to maintain a relaxed and moist skin.
2. Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Moisturizer (2ml)
The Ultimate nutritious moisturizer helps maintain hydration for a healthier skin to recover that natural and radiant look.
3. Violet Petal Black Tea Hydrating Toner (2ml)
A slightly acidic balanced hypoallergenic toner with plenty of organic acids from black tea helps control the pH balance maintaining and even skin tone.
4. Violet Petal Black Tea Hydrating Moisturizer (2ml)
A multitude of minerals are available, from black tea to natural moist factors which draw moisture to improve hydration.
5. White Snow Tea Brilliant Toner (2ml)
Rich in minerals and vitamins, it helps recharge and restore skin’s energized, radiant appearance.
6. White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence (2ml)
It prevents over-production of melanin while illuminating the skin to reveal a radiant complexion.
7. White Snow Tea Brilliant Aurora Cream (2ml)
This glow and opalescent cream promotes skin brightness by perfecting the balance of three key features of skin: flawless complexion, luminosity and moisture.
8. Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Essence (2ml)
Smooth and soft textures help in quick absorption acting as a solution to the empty spots of the dermis and epidermis helping elevate the resilience of the skin.
9. Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Cream (2ml)
Moisturizing Complex and Hydrating Factors help in maintaining natural skin moisture to balance and reduce the first signs of ageing.
10. Real Black Tea True Active Essence (2ml)
A bottle of naturally double fermented True Active Essence improves the natural vital power, restoring the skin’s original rhythm.
11. Black Tea All Day Aqua Sun Gel (2g)
The daily sun gel helps refresh your skin, giving it a more radian look.
12. Himalaya Black Tea Moist Deep Cream (2g)
The smooth whip cream texture quickly absorbs and delivers both moisture and nutrition into the skin.
Earl Grey Black Tea - 2 Tea Bag
Here, you can see the ingredient list.

The Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream in SPF 50+ is very easy to apply and smells like floral (a bit overwhelming for me), but the texture is not thick. I'm very happy to see that this product has a high SPF, contains 39% Black Tea water.
The White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence contains much of emulsions with light texture and white colour. It is extremely light, and smells like milk tea. Contains 83% black tea water.

The Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing water come in a small hole with seal and smells like black tea. This cleansing water can removes eye makeup smoothly and quickly. Works like Bioderma, my HG cleansing water ^_~. Contains 87% Black tea water.

Overall, I think A-True is a great brand with amazing product, I love their black tea scent. 
You can get this kit from Jolse for $24.98.

Bye bye now J
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  1. It seems like a good started kit so you can try everything out and see which products work for you and what you like.

  2. Aku suka banget sm wanginya ce *.*

    1. samaaa, baru tahu kalau black tea bisa sewangi ini hehehee


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