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Hollow Out Fox Masquerade Mask from Born Pretty Store

End of the year is getting closer, it means soon will come a lot of party invitations right?
Christmas and new year party will more exciting if we come up with an unusual outfit.
Born Pretty Store send me a mask that is suitable to support my appearance at a party later.
They offered me to choose the color, and I fell in love with the purple color.
Material: Plastic. 
Weight: 80g
Available in 6 colors.
See, the color is very bright and pretty right?

The design is also very beautiful, equipped with a ribbon with matching color to tie up.
I'm ready to party with my new mask ^_~
You can get this mask HERE with $6.25 but this mask is on SALE only $4.06, and an additional 10% discount when mentioning WDTW10.

Bye bye now J
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  1. kirain ada foto cece pakai topengnya ce >.<

    1. ada rin, tapi lupa dimasukin hahahaa maaf ya, untung kamu ingetin lol XD, thank you :*

  2. Dih lucuuuuu!!! Gw nyari2 ginian susaah!! 😣😣😣

    1. disono banyak mak, silahkan di borong semua hiahahhaaa XD

  3. wiiihhh keren.... mau dipake kemana tapi ya --"

    1. party donk hehehe kan sebentar lagi tahun baru, pasti banyak acara :)


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