[Review] Klairs Be Clean Natural FACE Soap and WISHTREND Coupon Codes

by - November 27, 2014

Hello, this time I will review the soap from Klairs.
Klair’s, Be Clean Natural Soap is not a regular soap because they have 5 different variants, from Head to Toe J

1. Hasuo Healthy Shampoo Soap (Hair)
Suitable for young people who are looking for non-silicon hair care products, and also for people who are suffering from hair loss, scalp trouble and dandruff.

2. Rich Moist Facial Soap (Face)
For dry skin, Sensitive skin, Troubled skin

3. Manuka Honey and Choco Body Soap (Body)
Multi-cleansing bar contains AHA that helps remove the dead skin cells on the body and troubled skin.

4. Teatree and Hinoki Hand Soap (Hand)
Moisturizing hand cleansing bar that has a scent of Hinoki oil and rose essential oil. Suitable for all skin types.

5. Peppermint Cooling Foot Soap (Foot)
Foot care cleansing bar that contains wasabi and peppermint. Wasabi has antibacterial and anti-fungus effects, whist peppermint scent relaxes foot fatigue, and refreshing coconut oil & almond oil keeps the skin moist. Recommended for all skin types.
I'm sorry I forgot to put this soap in a dry place so the packaging be like this.
The oil came out, so the packaging gets wet, because the packaging because made from paper.
Mine is FACE soap aka Rich Moist Facial Soap.
I like the idea of using paper to wrap the product. Besides being more environmentally friendly, the packaging also be very beautiful.
This soap bar came with a size of 7cm x 7cm x 2cm.
This product prefect fits with my hand.
The foam is quite a lot, after rinsing, my skin feeling clean and after use for 2 weeks, I felt my skin a bit more moist. I highly recommend this product for those who have dry and sensitive skin types.
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Bye bye now J
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  1. Wow, soap for hair? I never use any kind of soap to wash my hair before .. But I always interested in natural ingredients for any skin care or hair care products .. ^^ Nice review ..

    http://misskarlina.blogspot.com/ please follow me back ..

    1. yes me too, I've never heard about it, but luckily I chose face soap that works pretty well for me.^_~

  2. I have the facial soap, too, but I didn't try it yet. Sounds like a nice product :)

    1. cant wait to read your review ^_~


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