[Review] ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

As you know CC Cream and CC Cushion now is a big hit in Korea, that's why I was very excited to try this CC cream. Because CC Cream I have ever tried only CC Cream from Etude House.

The packaging is simple, but looks elegant. Why? Because they have shiny classic gold lid, the peach tube is nice and soft too. Gold looks elegant for me Lol, coz looks like expensive item XD

This cream's texture is very light and absorbs almost instantly into the skin. It has a nice creamy and slight watery consistency that is great for spreading unto the face. There is no detectable scent at all.

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

What web's say:
Skincare + Makeup = Multi solution, CC cream
The more you apply, the better your skin looks !
No more heavy and thick make-up, ten-in-one formula.

+ Sun protection SPF30 / PA++
+ Color encapsulated spheres brings natural skin tone color
+ Hydrated skin with even tone
+ Elastically glowing skin

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
Brand : Elishacoy
Volume : 50ml
All Skin Types
Made in Korea
USD 29.99

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

Claims to be a 10-in-1 high multi-functional cream:
1. Whitening
2. Anti-wrinkle
3. UV protection
4. Hydration
5. Corrects skin texture
6. Balances skin tone
7. Cover imperfections
8. Long-lasting
9. Excellent application
10. Instant skin radiance

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

Main Ingredients:
Black Bean extract - Aids in production of red blood cells, helps retain moisture and suppleness
Olive leaf extract - Antioxidant / antibacterial / anti-inflammatory
Parkii (shea) butter - Moisturising
Avocado oil -  Deep skin penetrating ability, relief for dry skin
Jojoba extract - Moisturising
Bitter orange flower water
Lavender flower water
Equisetum Arvense extract (horsetail) - Anti ageing/wrinkle
Baobab seed extract - Helps fight ageing


ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
When you first see the cream, it is chalk white,  but as you apply the cream, the warmth of your hands activates the popped color capsules to change color. 

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
After blending into my hand, blend perfectly.

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
No edit just add text, makes my skin look dewy ♥

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

ElishaCoy Always Nuddy CC Cream
After one hour.

I try adding a BB cream from Etude for a more thorough look, it turns out? 
FAIL, even make my face is getting dull.

♥ A 10 in 1 formula with color-encapsulated spheres that covers blemishes and addresses redness and uneven skin tone.
♥ Has high coverage
♥ Formulated with 20 moisturizing ingredients to keep skin hydrated and glowing.
♥ Suitable for all skin types.
♥ Offers sun protection SPF30/PA++ and comes in a 50ml tube.
♥ Have a dewy finish
♥ Have high SPF (30++)

♥ Not great to mix with BB creams
♥ Not recommended for oily skin

Bye bye now 😊
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  1. pipimuuuuh ga ada jerawatnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *nangis di pojokan T_T* bagus mana ini sama banila? atawa sama etude? buat oily skin makin oily yak?

    1. adaaaaa, waktu itu masih blom ada, sekarang di kanan sama kiri ada 1 hiks T_T
      banila blom pernah cicip (bagi testernya mak bahahahaaak)
      Etude bagus juga, sama lah sama elishacoy ini, tp Etude lebih murah heheheee.
      Yap ini lebih cocok sama yang kulitnya kering (kayak akyuuuu :p)

  2. mulussss banget ceee hehehehehe...
    wahhh untung ada spf 30 ya ce

    1. mekap ituuuuu, aslinya buteeekkk heheheee
      iyah untungnya ada SPFnya, lumayan mehi soalnya harganya XD

  3. merk ini emang bikin ngiler. bagus mak di kamu

  4. waaaa bagus tnp bb cream ya >.< cc kulitnya bagus hihi

    1. iyah shel, dipakein bb cream malah keliatan kusam dan jelek banget >.<"
      thank you shel, itu cuma makeup hehehee aslinya ga bagus kok

  5. This brand does not retail in India ! Great review

    Do check out my blog http://www.chicorita.com

    1. WishTrend delivery to all over the world if I not wrong, please check their website :)

  6. Emang kadang CCC kalau gak cocok sama BBC mending single use aja :(


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