[Review] Rivecowe - Shine Blusher no 4 (Shine Orange)

Hi, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to review this product. Why? Since I've been watching this product for a long time, and one of my wish list. Before this, I had never tried products from Rivecowe, but after I read some of the reviews, I so wanted this product.
This product looks like a macaroon, very pretty and cute.
It contain 8 different herbal abstract which protects and soothes the skin from irritation and stress.
This blush also make shiny and healthy looking skin.

What web say:
Quick Overview:
Finish your makeup with
Long lasting bright glowing blusher

The mixture of vivid color and glitter particle
Produce cute and lively looking cheeks.

+ Sebum control 
+ Long lasting Color
+ Lovely Puff Included
+ Compact Container with Mirror Inside

Brand : Rivecowe
Volume : 7g
All Skin Types
Made in Korea
Price: USD10.99
Shades: Shine Pink, Shine Coral, Shine Orange

I tried to get a photo glitter contained in it, whether you can see it?

Swatch in my finger J
Swatch in my hand 

I use a powder brush to apply this blush, because I fall in love with that cute puff, and I want to keep it 

Here’s what the product looks on my cheeks.

I fell in love with the resulting color, the color looks like my cheek is naturally blushing.
And very surprisingly, it turns out the color can last for 9 hours. FYI, I have dry type of skin

♥ Long lasting bright and glowing cheeks.
♥ Lovely cute puff.
♥ Included a mirror so that we do not have trouble to retouch.
♥ Containing a bit glitter, make my face looks more fresh.
♥ Lasted for 9 hours on my cheeks.
♥ Available in 3 shades (Pink, Coral, Orange)

♥ Not available locally.
♥ A bit expensive.

Bye bye now J
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  1. bagus ce warnanya :D tp hsilnya matte ya?

    1. iyah Rin, cakep ya warnanya, bikin fresh :)

  2. Winda it looks lovely on you :)

  3. Baru pertama denger product ini, warnannya cute ya packagingnya juga :)


    1. ga terllau terkenal seperti Etude, Nature republic, Holika dan kawan-kawan sih hehehee tp bagus kok produknya heheee

  4. packagingnyaa lucuuu *u*
    warnanya juga bagus yaaa ci hehe *cubitpipi* XD

    1. iyaaahh, aku suka warnanya. kece, bikin pipi seger seketika XD

  5. Pipimu jadi bersemu kayak jeruk gtu ce.. Tp buat yg berkulit sawo matang kayak aq bs g yaa jadi kayak gtuuu.. Salam kenal Ɣªª

    1. kan ada warna lainnya Dian, kamu pilih warna lain yang kira-kira cocok sama kamu donk heheheee


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