[Review] Hard Candy - Pinking of You Palette

As you know, I prefer eyeshadow palettes than singles eyeshadow, because it saves space on my makeup pouch, also the price is more affordable than single eyeshadow. I was a palette maniac, so this time I'm back with another palette review. Can you guess what the brand of this palette?

Hard Candy - Pinking of You Palette

This palette has 5 colors to choose:
1. Pinking of You
2. Green with Envy
3. Feelin Blue
4. Naturally Gorgeous
5. Smoke Out
Shade Name: Pinking of You
Top Ten palettes let you coordinate with 10 shades in a variety of textures (glitter, shimmer and matte) to ensure a custom look with each application. Cased in chic lace, this mirrored compact is all you need for dozens of different looks.
Swatch on my hand.
Without base.
Too bad the color is not too pigmented and powdery
With base, not too different with no base.
Verdict, whether the product is worth buying? I think not, because I do not like the powdery eyeshadow and not pigmented. Especially after using base, only survive around 4 hours, this palette is big boo for me -__-" and their applicator is also not good, I prefer to use my eyeshadow brush.

Bye bye now
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  1. Wah parah banget yah ci kalau ga pake base. Nampak sekali gosok juga langsung ilang :0

    1. supeeerrrrrrrrrrr parah, makanya nyesel abis -__-"

  2. ibu suriiii :( aku juga nyesel kmaren beli palette la girl nude brick :((( ga bgtu pigmented. Mending beli yg revealed coastal scent warna nya byk bgt dan pigmented aku liat punya tmnku hiksss...toss kita

    1. *tosss padahal sebelum beli udah baca-baca review -__- taunya masih kecolongan juga XD


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