[Review] Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Facial Foam

Surely you've heard of Daiso or 100 yen shop in Japan right?
They sell some cosmetics and skin care, which is good enough to try.
When I went to Singapore, I bought some of their products for me to try, because Daiso in Indonesia do not sell cosmetics. It would be nice if Daiso Indonesia also sells cosmetic products such as Daiso in Singapore and Malaysia.

I like washing my face with soap that is rinsing rough effect after rinsed, and I get that from all the soap containing charcoal. That's why I bought this facial foam J
I really liked their design, looks so Japanese XD

The entire back tube filled with kanji, but Daiso Singapore attaching Ingredients and Caution in English.
The contents are gray and the texture is not too thick

C The product is sealed with a foil, to make sure that it is properly sealed.
C Thoroughly cleanses the face.
C Cheap only SGD $2 for 70gr.
C Good for olily skin.

D The lid is threaded, so it's rather difficult to open and close it.
D Difficult to find in Indonesia.

Bye bye now J
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  1. Aku cari ini di Jepang gak ketemu, cuma ketemu maskernya aja T^T maskernya lumayan lah untuk harga hanya 100an yen


    1. di sini malah susah nyari maskernya, aku ke Singapore juga ga nemu maskernya hiks :(


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