[Review] Cabin Crew Kit - Nano Hydration Boost

This time I will review BRAND NEW products that come from Singapore, of course, if you've read about Cabin crew kit I wrote, you will know this brand.

Cabin crew kit is a formulation of US and Japan technology and made to address the major key concern of Hydration. Therefore, all the products are formulated to provide ample moisture while addressing other skin concerns! An extra dose of hydration for every series to ensure it solves the problem while providing ample moisture.

Cabin crew kit is also a dermatologist grade of products, but suitable for home use!
After trying this product for a week, I was amazed. Why? Let's read more of my review of this.

Cabin crew kit - Nano Hydration Boost

There are many triggers to skin sensitization and one of the biggest consequences of dry skin is an increase in sensitivity. When skin is dry, it’s depleted of its natural protective lipid barrier and lowers skin’s defenses against environmental assaults that can cause a sensitized reaction in skin, such as itching and redness. Use the double-action Nano Hydration Boost to replenish, recover and rejuvenate your dry or dehydrated skin condition.

Nano Hydration Boost is a double-action ultra-hydrating serum has the ability to bind moisture to cells effectively. It locks in moisture on skin surface, preventing moisture loss into the environment while penetrates moisture into the skin. Its unique lightweight texture leaves no greasy residue on skin and will not clog pores.
Apply 1-2 pump evenly over cleansed face and neck. Day and night use. Suitable for all skin type.
I have dry skin which is sensitive and I feel too many triggers that can cause my skin becomes itchy, redness and breakouts. But I am very grateful to be able to try this product, because as you know when our skin has problem then we will not be able to use serum that is too strong. Which resulted in our skin becomes drier due to dehydration. 
Thats why I recommend this Nano Hydration Boost! This serum has the ability to effectively lock in moisture on our skin surface and prevents dehydration from happening. Because of its very light teksure, like the water so this serum is so gentle on the skin.
This serum can be used when we're breakout, because it will not cause the pain or discomfort.

C Doesn't leave any greasy residu.
C No paraben, no animal testing.
C Moisture into the skin.
C My skin feels hydrated.
C Quickly absorbed by the skin.
C Packaging comes with a pump which very hygienic.
C The packaging looks very luxurious.

D Pricey but worth every penny.
D Not available in Indonesia but we can get it online yaaay J
I love my new skin care ^_~
But because skin care is not going to work like magic, then I suggest you to use this product regularly for 2-3 weeks to see results!

If you're interested in Cabin crew kit products, you can visit their website at:

Coupon code: WINDA8OFF

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