[Review] Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes From The Body Shop

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This time I am back with a review of  The Body Shop products, products that will be my review this time is the cleansing wipes. As you know, if I was the mother of a very active toddler so I do not have enough time for me-time. Thats why I need this product instead of makeup remover that will require more time.

Using this product is very easy, just grab and wipe the entire face, voila all make up will be removed.
The only thing I do not like from this wipes is the scent, I do not like the scent of tea tree.

This product I recommend to you whom very busy and do not like to hassle, this product is great because it can really removed all makeup on our face. I tried it with eyeliner and mascara as well, eyeliner could be erased perfectly but my waterproof mascara is a bit difficult to remove.

Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes From The Body Shop

Sorry the image below is a bit disgusting but this is proof that my bb cream, powder, blush and eyeliner successfully removed with this wipes.

Have you ever tried these wipes? or you have another wipes for me to try? 
Please share to me, and thank you for reading my blog

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  1. waa.. jadi pengen beli.. mumpung nanti ada TBS diskon di acaranya B.Mandiri.. :)

  2. Hi Winda, Thank you for your constant interaction with me on my blog and Instagram. I feel like I've missed out on many of my blog friends/readers during these few weeks.

    I love the smell of tea tree though the oil itself can be a little too overwhelming. How nice it is if it were green tea scented instead. Sounds like a really impressive product though I won't be able to use make up wipes as my mascaras are always much too waterproof for that.

    Thanx for sharing!

    BTW, I haven't realised that I wasn't following you. Following you now! Hope to keep up our interaction. =)

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hello Jo ^_~
      thanks for visiting and follow my blog :)
      I love the scent of green tea, but not tea tree hahahaa


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