[Review] V10 Plus Water Based Peeling

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After my first peeling gel, I was so addicted to trying another peeling gel. Because peeling proven to remove dead skin cells, so they can make the face brighter and not dull.

But do not often doing peeling, maximum 3 times a week depending on skin type. ūüė£

Usually for dry skin types like me enough 1x a week, if the type of combination skin 2x a week, and for oily skin 3 times a week.

What is the point of peeling? Cleaning dead skin cells.
Why should it be cleaned? Because if not cleaned then it will inhibit the influx of nutrients from the skincare that we use.

How lucky, V10 Plus offered to me, if I am interested in trying their products.
Of course why not, because I've read some reviews from blogger friends who say that this is a good product.

They come in the form of a catalog that contains 10 sachet (@2 ml)
This is how the product looks like.
How to use:
1. Apply V10 Plus Peeling on face which has been cleansed and dried before. Let it be there for 5 seconds.
2. Massage face with circular motion using your fingers.
3. Dead skin cells will appear in fine fibers form.
4. Wash-off your face with warm water and wet towel.
8 Function Water Based Peeling:
- Preventing the emergence of Acne
- Helps Skin Cell Regeneration
- Make-up Make More Durable and Natural
- Improve Skin Absorption Against Your Skin Care Nutrition.
- Helps Eliminate Blackheads.
- Brighten and Smooth Skin
- Reduce acne scars.
- Secretion Balancing Oil In Face
C Travel Friendly
C Decrease blackheads
C Water-based so it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin
C Brightens and smooth my skin

D Dont have "teared" part to open it 
D Alcohol smell a bit too strong for me
D Pricey, but you can get it for only IDR 98.000,- instead of its regular price IDR 270.000,-

Bye bye now J
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  1. Aku juga baru dapetin pas Giveaway kemarin ce ^0^
    Belum sempet coba :p
    Kulit ce Winda halus bangettt ^_^

    1. Ga juga luciiii, aku banyak redness dan keliatan kusam gara2 jarang pake skin care lol XD

  2. ahahahha..pengeeeenn nyobainn jugaaa


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