Welcome in Indonesia, Beyond Cosmetics

I would like to introduce one of the Korean brand that began to enter the Indonesian market. This brand brings Kim Soo Hyun as Brand Ambassador. Surely you know who is Kim Soo Hyun right? Beyond cosmetics actually entered the Indonesian market since June last year, and I have started buying they products in October.

Beyond carries on a campaign against animal test for cosmetic and promises that it will consistently take Eco-friendly action, respecting life. With TRUE ECO BEYOND as a slogan expressing our principles that we will go through the entire process from finding raw material to packaging based on 10 Eco philosophies with the belief that we are part of nature and all answers and wisdom of beauty can be found from nature.

Beyond tagline is "save us, save earth" with a small rabbit as a mascot.

10 ECO Value of Beyond:
1.  Sustainable growth
2.  Minimum waste
3.  Recyclable packages
4.  Minimum chemical fragrance
5.  No chemical colorants
6.  Organic Beauty
7.  Dermatologically tested
8.  Eco beauty lab
9.  No chemical Preservatives
10. Agains Animal Testing

They have a lot of products, ranging from makeup to skin care for women, even for men and children too.
They also have a special wall for 5 product choice of Kim Soo Hyun as their BA.

One of them is Beyond True Eco Series, An anti-aging treatment product from Korea are made of 100% organic ingredients and has been certified by the French who say that True Eco as an organic product number 1 in the world.
The other is Angel Snow Series
This series are very soft, it contains three natural ingredients such as:
1. Flowers Snowdrop (milk flower) to reduce the production of melanin in the skin so the skin brighter.
2. Extract Angel's Tear to brighten and moisturize.
3. Berry oil to provide moisture, softness, and elasticity of the skin.
Each month they have various promos, one of which is the Get With Purchased. This month promo is spending IDR 500.000- and you can buy Beyond True Eco Kit with price IDR 299.000-
Skin care series.

Skin care series.
Cleansing series.
Hair care series.
Mask sheet, I bought 2 of them for me to try.
BB cream Series, I bought Lovely Up BB Cream in shade #2 Natural, wait for my review okay ^_~
Body care series, I bought Vitalizing Body Lotion ^_~
Body care series.
Baby and Kids Range.
They have Eco tools too, such as brushes, blotting paper, and puffs.
This is a cosmetic shelf, you can try their eyeshadow, blush and lipstick in here.
The other side is the nail art range ^_~
They also sells mini products for us before we buying the product in full size.
This month they have limited offer, FREE Beyond Oxford Toy Block for every purchase of IDR 1.500.000- this is so cutteeeee ~ ♥
This is Beyond counter in Paris Van Java Mall - Bandung.
You can check the location nearest you.
Bonus pic ^_~ she is a candidate for Beyond Cosmetics brand ambassador in the future lol.

Bye bye now
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  1. Hi wind... Greetings from Beyond Indonesia.. Love your review and cant wait to meet you in person.. XOXO..

    1. Hello, salam kenal, semoga kapan-kapan bisa ketemu ya ^_~


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