[Sponsored] 7 Pcs Pink Powder Brush Set from Born Pretty Store

Hello,, Im back with brush set review ^_~

Actually I've had some brush sets in the home, start from Sigma to unbranded brush,
Have 3-4 brush sets is enough for me, but I always can not help myself when I saw a super cute brush set. Like this brush, who can resist when we saw such a beautiful casing?

Especially love symbol at the tip of the strap.

7 Pcs Pink Powder Brush Set
Material: Artificial Fiber
Quantity: 7 pcs
USD $9.58
1. Eyebrow brush
2. Sponge Eye Brush
3. Eyeliner Brush
4. Powder Brush
5. Eye Brush
6. Lip Brush
7. Blending Brush
These brushes are all made from synthetic fur, with color gradations white and pink. The pink color is sooo pretty ~
Unfortunately, powder brush slightly damaged during the shipping process, some of the glue does not stick perfectly. However after I fixed it, my powder brush back perfectly. *happyface*
I quite liked this brush set, unfortunately the hair is a little rough, but the packaging and the leather case successfully won my heart lol XD

This brush set is suitable for you who learn make-up, because the price is quite affordable and had an attractive appearance. Also suitable for you who like collecting beautiful stuff :)

You can get this brush set HERE with $9.58 but you can this brush set only $8.62 by mention WDTW10.

Bye bye now 
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  1. Lucu bgt ya pink ! My fav color hhihi kalau punya brush byk lempar2 lah sini ci :p *dateng2 rusuh*

    1. jangaaaan, kuasku buat mainan Ming xia hahahaaa, kan Ming xia suka ikut centil pas maminya dandan lol XD


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