Australia Swap with Tracey ~ ♥

A few months ago I saw Jasmine from Sweetaholic held Halloween Swap, and I am very interested to join because of all the swaps held by her always successful.

In the end I was paired with Tracey from Mummy tutto who living in Australia.
Mommy Connor, who is so adorable and cute.

I get this package 9 days after shipment, it is pretty incredible in my opinion. Because usually package from abroad will arrive in our hands within 2-3 weeks after shipped. 

Tracey is very friendly and generous, although my english very messy but Tracey always trying to understand what I'm saying Lol J

I asked Australia make up that I had never tried. I am very pleased to be able to try a variety of typical products of other countries. And Tracey asked me to send the make up of Asia, then I send many brand from Japan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

Unfortunately I felt my package was not too attractive than Tracey package L
Tracey wrap the items one by one with bubble wrap, and lined with pink paper. 
While I wrapped it without the personal touch that appealed to.

I'm sorry Tracey, next time I'll do better to make you happy, I'm promise  ~ ♥
Without another word, let's see what Tracey sent to me

When Tracey saw my photo on twitter, she asked who that cute little girl? I replied that my baby, her name is Ming xia, and guess what? Tracey bought a pretty dress for Ming Xia. 
I was touched, I did not think that she will pay attention Ming xia. I did not even buy anything for Connor.
I feel very bad L

Finally, thank you Tracey, has been so generous and concern to me. And thanks for all the Australian brand that you've sent, without you I would never have the chance to try all the products J
Hopefully next time you will not feel cured to swap with me again Lol XD

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  1. I'm so glad you like everything!! It was such a pleasure swapping with you! I will blog about the items you sent me this week and will send you the link :)

    1. I am also very happy to swap with you Tracey :)

  2. banyak bangettttt!!!! waaaa asiknyaaaa

    1. iyaaaah, semuanya brand australia heheheee senangnyaaaa :D

  3. Aw sounds like Tracey got you some gorgeous things! How adorable for her to include a dress for your little girl! xx

    1. thank you Jasmine has held Halloween Swap so I can be paired with Tracey, I definitely will follow your another swap :)

  4. She sent you amazing stuff ! I will go see what you sent her :)

    1. Yes, in fact ahe sent something for my daughter too, I was thrilled.
      Tracey will post them in this week, I'll edit it if she had published <3

  5. Replies
    1. sik asik sik asik *nyanyi ala ayu ting ting* hihiiiii

  6. ya ampuun ceceeeh winwiiin,, bejibuun!! btw make up aussie ia yaa ga pernah nemu, lucky you!! *pengeen coleek*

    1. jangaaaaaan, *brb ngumpetin hahahhaa

  7. Replies
    1. Heheee iyah, liatnya ajah udah seneng ya 😁


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