First Swap with Betzy Makeup ~ ♥

I first saw Betzy on twitter, asking if there are Asian Beauty Bloggers who want to hold a swap with her. I am interested because I read a lot of posts about the thrill of holding a swap from another beauty blogger.

Finally I dared to apply, and we communicate through email and twitter. We agree with the choice, Betzy select multiple items from Etude House and I chose items from Urban Decay - Naked 1 :)

Look what Betzy send it to me, she added some stuff as a bonus. How generous she is, wrap all items with pink paper, unfortunately the custom open all the papers, so I throw it away because it looks messy. 

I also lost Sinful Color Nail Polish and NYC Lipgloss, I was very upset with the service of custom in my country. Many online shops have complained many goods lost or damaged and customs fees are unreasonable because the custom service in my country is not transparent, really sucks.

Looks what she sent to me ~ ♥

 Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 J
This is my dreaming Palette, love this palette so much

 Total Face Brush, Concealer Brush, and Professional Mirror from Elf

 Bunch sample from Stila, Becca, Bare Mineral, etc.

Maybelline Highlighter and Milani Lipgloss

Thank you Betzy has sending incredible items to me J
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Bye now ~ ♥ GBU all chuuu


  1. I'm sorry about your lost items!
    I will make sure to buy them again & add them on the package for the next swap.
    It was such a great experience swapping with you :)

    1. Hi, Betzy, it's not your fault. The fault of our customs ^_~ Do not feel guilty, I am also very pleased to have an opportunity to swap with you.

  2. Aihh gilaa naked 1 *ngences*
    Nice swap cii >.<

    1. senang banget na aku dapetnya :) ga perlu takut dpt barang KW hahahaa ^_~

  3. Great swap!!! Wonderful items! And 100% agree with you, Indonesian custom SUCKSSSS! I lost a box of sample containing 150 pcs of make up items from Collection for an event, GRRRRR!

    1. ha? seriusan? paraaaahhh, tapi bakal dateng kok, dulu aku juga pernah gitu, ternyata nyasar ke India. Udah 6 bulan baru sampe (serpihannya lebih tepatnya) wkwkwkkk

    2. Brgnya sdh sampai say tp ditahan, dimintain tax 1jtan. Aq sdh mnt pending krn mst tunggu keputusan dr Hong Kong, lah stlh dpt OK dr HK eh custom blg sdh kelamaan jd barangnya sdh jd milik negara, apapun artinya itu. Sdh masuk lelang, tp lelng dimana dan kapan ga transparan, intinha sdh d suruh merelakan dah hahanaha

    3. bujuuuuggg, sejuta? hahahaaa, luar biasa custom kita yak ^_~


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