Wishtrend April 2015 Promotions and Special Gift

by - April 17, 2015

Hello, I'm back with haul post ^_~ after such a long time I did not make a post about haul.
After a long time I did not buy anything from the outside due to problems with customs, finally I dared make an order in Wishtrend

Fortunately, this time I did not get in trouble with the custom, let's see what I bought?
Berrisom Animal Mask Series, Wonderful Pudding Mask, Berrisom Lip Tint Tattoo, IPPO Smell Cover Oil, Klairs Mask and Berrisom My Lip Patch.

Let me know what you will want me to review first in the comments below J

If you want to shop in Wishtrend, do not forget to use some code below to save your money ^_~
1. 28560401, if you are at your first at Wishtrenddon't forget to put invitation code when you first register and you will get $5 discount code in your account to be used at your first purchase (min USD $30).

2. WISHAPR2015for 10% Discount when you spent USD $55.

3. WISHGIFTAPR2015, for receive 1 ElishaCoy Vitamin Collagen Sheet mask on any order!
Bye bye now J
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  1. pudding mask nya menggoda ceeeeeee >.<

    1. bukan animal mask sheetnya ya hehehee, aku mau pakai kok sayang-sayang ya XD


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