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by - April 23, 2015

Kali ini aku akan menulis review 3 produk wajib untuk para mommies yang sering kuatir anaknya sakit seperti aku ^_~. Semua produk ini berasal dari satu brand yaitu Beauty Barn, merk lokal yang dibuat homemade dengan tujuan melayani kebutuhan mereka yang memiliki kulit yang sangat sensitif dan halus, seperti bayi yang baru lahir dan anak-anak.

Semua bahan-bahan mereka dibuat dengan kualitas tinggi dan beberapa bahkan dibuat dengan label Ecocert. Jadi bukan hanya sekedar organik, tetapi organik yang berkualitas tinggi.

Beauty Barn, an Indonesian based company focused on child care topical/cosmetic products was established in 2011 when the one of the founders, saw the importance of providing safe and high quality products for her children.

Having children with eczema and sensitive skin conditions, like any mother, she has searched and tried all available products in the market. However it proves futile so instead she began in search of raw ingredients and formula required to create high quality products to solve such day to day nuisance experienced by her children. She then realized that most superior ingredients had to be imported from overseas to ensure the products are of the highest quality.

Later on, she went on to share this creation with her friends which quickly gain popularity. Some notable remarks includes product being well-scented naturally, value for money and non reactivity to skin which made it suitable for children of all ages and even newborns.  Due to the versatility of the products, her friends also started to apply on themselves. They encouraged her to share it with even more people, which led to the establishment of Beauty Barn.

Now Beauty Barn prides itself as a leading company selling all natural ingredients made products so that the user gets the best and safest benefit.
Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Tummy Fix.
IDR 130.000-
Place 1-2 drops of mix onto pillow, blanket or handkerchief and place nearby child.

Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Breathe In Rub - Perfect for Cough and Cold Relief Chest Rub.
IDR 100.000-
Apply Rub Directly on chest or back of child. Rub to heat and release the therapeutic scent from the essential oil.
Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Fever Down.
IDR 80.000-
For newborn or sensitive skin, massage a small amount onto the bottoms of the feet and cover with socks. For children 12 months and above, apply to the back of the neck and behind the ears.

Semua produk ini saya pakai sewaktu Ming xia sakit, batuk pilek. Tapi karena sering batuk akhirnya perutnya jadi sakit, untungnya saya ingat kalau saya punya produk ini. Akhirnya sewaktu Ming xia tidur, aku oleskan Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Fever Down di kakinya, Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Breathe In Rub di dada dan punggungnya, serta Beauty Barn Aromatherapy Tummy Fix pada alat aromatherapy kami. 

Kalau biasanya saat Ming xia batuk dan pilek maka tidurnya jadi tidak nyaman karena napasnya terasa sangat berat, tapi dengan bantuan 3 produk ini Ming xia bisa tertidur lelap dan nafasnya biasa saja. tapi harus diingat, ketiga produk ini harus di apply berkali-kali ya, bukan hanya sekali apply untuk semalaman. Karena sejauh yang aku rasakan, dalam 2-3 jam khasiatnya mulai berkurang, jadi saya harus reapply ^_~

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