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Halloo everyone, 
I am very happy because this time I got the same award from 2 fellow blogger. 
I do not think I would be nominated for the award, because frankly I do not have many blogger friends hehehe. Many thanks to Mindy and Luciana

Here are the rules:
1.  Post a picture of the Sunshine Award
2.  Post 11 random facts about yourself
3.  Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger
4.  Link back to the blogger who nominated you
5.  Nominate 11 wonderful blogger, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world. (Be sure to notify them)
6.  Write 11 questions for your nominated blogger

♥ My random facts ♥
1. I like a boy when I was little, I started liking makeup and cosmetics when I was 24 years old. 
2. I am very lazy to use skin care, skin care, especially at night, because I was always busy doing something at night. 
3. I am is night creature, because I feel very productive at night 
4. I am a shopaholic, I can not stand to see objects that are beautiful or colorful.
5. I was afraid with Barbie dolls because of their similarity to humans.
6. I have a phobia in rats and lightning.
7. I also have an irrational fear of the water in large numbers such as lakes, pools or anything like that.
8. My goal is to be the best mother to Ming Xia, so someday Ming Xia will say, "I am proud to have a mom like you mom"
9. I really hate smokers and people who can not appreciate women
10. I was a nerd, but a book lover in the sense conventional book not a ebook or something like that.
11. I really like to eat, but I also dreamed of having a thin body like the Koreans, how can?

I will answer Mindy question first J
1. What do you prefer to do on Christmas, open gifts or give gifts?
Opening, of course
2. Party invitation, do you prefer to wear a dress or pants?
Dress ^_~
3. What designer would you like to model for?
Umm, honestly I do not have any designer clothes hahahaa one so I do not know what to say
4. A model you wish you were?
I dont have
5. When you go on a date, do you prefer movies or bowling?
Movies J
6. Which will you have to like, a mountain or the beach?
7. Favorite lip balm?
Crazy Rumors
8. Restaurant or home made food?
Both of them
9. Eggnog or Champagne?
Champagne, I dont like Eggnog -___-"
10. From all the blogger followers, who would you want to meet?
I have many bloggers who want to meet, but for now most likely Shosanah Serly XD

Now I will answer Luci question J
1. My daily Makeup?
Etude BB Cream and Elianto Lip Balm
2. My temperament?
Melankolis Koleris
3. first, what the English language for CURHAT?
Hmm, I prefer to be a place to curhat
4. My skincare?
Etude Moistfull and L'oreal White Perfect Series
5. What kept me going to blog when I'm bored?
I loveeee to writing haahahaa so I never get bored :)
6. My Favorite K-Drama?
Umm, I love K-Drama, then I feel difficult to select it, maybe Boys Before Flowers and He is Beautiful Lol
7. Skin care products or make-up that I repurchase more than 2 times?
Sleek product and Etude Moistfull series
8. What animals make you shiver and amused? 
Rats, disgusted hahahaa
9. Who is your favorite teacher beauty? 
I do not have a favorite beauty guru, I like to see and learn from a lot of people. Michelle Phan is the first beauty guru that I see and got me interested in the world of beauty
10. Red, Pink or Nude Lips? Why?
I prefer nude lips :) why? simple because I do not like to look flashy Lol honestly I did not have enough confidence L
11. Greatest desire that until now not yet realized? 
Saw Ming Xia to grow into a happy and successful women.

Maybe for some people, I am too overwhelming because my wish and hope is not far from the Ming Xia, but you need to know there is always a Ming Xia name in my every prayer.
Since the Ming Xia is my life, and I think, just a mother who would understand my feelings.

And the questions are:
1. Whats your daily makeup product?
2. Cats or Dogs? 
3. What is your weakness?
4. Country or city to live your dream?
5. You’re addicted to?
6. What is your Must-have beauty product?
7. Have you laughed today? Because of what?
8. What is your dream when you was a child?
9. Lost love or money?
10. When you're not feeling good, what do you usually do to cheer you up?
11. Prefer family or career?

Here are the bloggers I nominate: 

Please give me the link of your post, so my can read your answers :) thank you
Bye bye now J

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  1. Thank you Winda, i actually did have questions though, you're supposed to answer the same questions that i have answered myself *LOL* :p

    1. hahahaa, thank you Mindy udah ngasih aku award :) kita sepertinya setipe ya orangnya hehehee

  2. Wahhh ceeee ternyata kita banyak kemiripan juga hihi. Aku juga kurang suka sama smoker ggrrr bikin sesak. Moodku bisa berubah jelek seketika kalo deket orang yang ngerokok hahaha.

    Pastinya ce, kayak lagu "didoa ibuku namaku disebut" . Pasti semua org tua begitu ya, care banget sama anaknya. Udah panggilan batin ya ce.

    Oh ya aku juga sama tuh kayak ce winda. Pengen banget nanti kl punya anak, dia bisa bilang bangga punya orgtua sepertiku dan suamiku nantinya. Rasanya penderitaan hilang sekejap ya ce :)

    Seneng baca jawaban ce winda :)
    Thanks ya ce udah dijawab ^_^

    1. waaa, tosss ya Luci hehehee ^_~ iyah Luci, kamu keliatannya kamu bakal jadi ibu yang baik buat anakmu kelak hehehee ayo cepetan merit *lho XD

  3. aaa makasih ci winda, aimicuu loh :'( pgn ke bandung yg lama gt trus ketemuan. skrg kalau ke bandung nangkringnya bentar banget .aku kangen ming xia jugaaak :')

    1. Aakk, kirain ipah sudah lupa sama daku hiks hiks terharu. Belum berjodoh kita pah, kapan2 pasti bisa ketemu lg ya pah *peyukkkk*

  4. saya baru tau ada awads jenis ini ;) cool!

    1. hehee aku juga baru tahu saat di tag oleh blogger lainnya :)


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