[Review] Lulla Hair Ties

by - April 14, 2014

Hello, how are you?
This time I want to give a little info regarding Hair Ties or Arm Candy was booming lately.
Maybe some of you have read my introduction and review of the Mon Claire some time ago. Now Mon Claire has been renamed with Lulla, but they still sell claire bands.

Now Lulla has more patterns and models.
And I was lucky to get their latest models, because they only sell a limited stock.
So do not be surprised if they say the product is already sold out, but the new product was released a month ago.

Ohh, one more thing, now they do not sell products in unit, they only sell the products in the set.

Lulla isn't just a hairtie, it's a lifestyle J

Actually what is the hair ties? Hair ties is a ties which we can use to tie hair, phone cable, and other knickknacks. So what's the difference Lulla hair ties with other ties?

♥ Lulla hair ties made ​​from fabric choices with good quality.
♥ Lulla has a lot of pattern and color options to choose.
♥ The texture of the fabric is very elastic and soft so it does not cause former in the hair.
♥ We can use to tie hair, phone cable, and other knickknacks.
♥ Lulla will donate 20% from their profits to charity.

This time I got the hair ties Dottie Orange Set.

As arm candy ~ 

Combination with other colors and patten.

As phone cable tie

As phone cable tie ~ 

Bye bye now J

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  1. Really lovely ties!
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hai...

    Wah orange nya lucu sekali... Aku suka sekali orange. Tapi ga punya rambut. hehehe... Tapi jadi gelang lucu juga yah....

    Main-main ke blog aku yah.. Baru post tentang Big Lashes dan sejarah bulu mata palsu... Ditunggu yahhhh...


    1. jadi gelang juga bisa kok, pengikat kabel2 bisa, pengikat peralatan makeup juga bisa :) heheheee


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